Amazing Educational Programs for Kids!!!

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Come along with Gary on a virtual journey aboard the Big Red Boat to before unseen places and experience the Music and Instruments of the continents, countries and people of the world. Latin America, Africa, the Celtic Islands, New Orleans and Jamaica to name a few ports of stay. Through this, hands on experience you will better come to know the instruments, rhythms and fun generated by those who contributed to American music as we know it today.


So get your gear together and get ready for a cruzin' good time with the Slickrock Gypsy!


The Roots of American Music Program approx 50 min.

This six song program is oriented to the 1st grade. It covers topics such as: The plant cycle, elements needed to help a plant grow, the parts of a plant, most everything in our world comes from plants in some way, what all plants need and in the process find that it is the same as what all of us need, with many fun performance ideas, simple costumes and memorable songs. (Script and songs included)


Plants Program approx 35 min.

The Water Cycle Programs is part of the 1st grade curriculum. Through song and easy dialog, this program covers the water cycle, the different states of water, solid, liquid and gas, with movement ideas for presentation. The Rainbow song illustrates that we are all a rainbow of different colors with importance in each raindrop. A very fun show for all to perform and watch!


Water Cycle Program approx 40 min.

This Program designed for the 3rd grade is fun and educational. Through song, dialog and movement, we find out about the geography, the TOGUNA tribal system of social government and much much more !


Africa Program approx 35 min.

With the help of popular music, we share the worlds most famous explorers using the adaptation of new lyrics to each song to tell the story. Movement, theater and dialog along with the songs help tell the stories of Francisco Del Coronado, Columbus, Leif Erickson, Sir Francis Drake and more in a fun and interesting way.


World Explorers Program approx. 50 min.

This program uses popular music with adapted lyrics to tell the stories of the Pueblo, Iroquois, Sioux, Eastern Woodland and Northeastern Tribes. Songs, movement, pantomime, and dialog make this show come alive for all who watch and create a memorable impact on remembering the information learned.


Native Americans Program approx 45 min.

The Australian program covers the geography, animals and and people of this amazing continent and much, much more! First grade appropriate. This program uses easy to create masks to share some of the animals of Australia along with song. The children go on a "Walk about" to discover this wonderful place. Geography is illustrated through a movement piece and Rhythm. Presented in a Travel council format, it makes for an interesting and fun adventure!!


Australia Program approx 25 min.

1776 or the American revolution, presents the new "outside the box" thinking of the new world thinkers. Washington, Franklin, Jefferson and other founding fathers who brought about a new form of leadership and governance in this newly forming nation. It also shines light on our own responsibilities as citizens to keep our country great by being actively involved in our own government.


American Revolution Program 35 min.

The exciting and almost mystical history of the Inca civilization is the focus of this song mixed presentation. From it's origins following the proceeding cultures of the Olmec, Toltec, Maya and Aztec, this mighty people grew under the rule of Montezuma, who was the last to fall to the Spanish in the 1500's.


Inca Program approx 20 min.